Philosophy Club Sponsored Food Drive (ODU)

Philosophy Club Sponsored Food Drive

“We want to change the world 1 can at a time.” There’s only 4 people at the table, but we all

laugh at the cheesiness of the line. Light-hearted moments like these are a staple for the philosophy club

president, Blake Philips, as his easy going demeanor compliments his joy for the club. This time the

event is a student food drive run by a freshman ethics student. The Old dominion philosophy club is

simply here to help him out and possibly get some new members as well.

This comes as one of the many attempts to reboot the club from the old one a few years ago

where a flock of key members left the club after graduating. Without the main members who set up

group events and meeting times, the group quickly disintegrated as the remaining members went their

separate ways. As one of the lower classmen of the old philosophy club, Blake was left behind as the old

group ended. The last year or so of his time at Old Dominion has been spent trying to encourage

philosophy majors and other students interested in deep thinking into the club.

But it hasn’t been easy. The club only has around 5 official members so far even with its growth

this past semester. Asking one of the other members about the club, he stated that, “Philosophy gives

me new perspectives on life and keeps things fresh. That’s an opportunity that should be available for

anybody. ” As for Blake, he just wants to create a legacy for philosophy in Old Dominion as well as a

place where other philosophy students can feel at home. And with all the different kinds of clubs in the

school, it’s hard to see why there should at least be a philosophy club.

As I sat behind the table for the food drive and talked with some of the members about

videogames, busy class schedules, and Kant’s categorical imperative, I watched some of the to others

pass out flyers and try to sell people on philosophy and donating canned goods. It was a little awkward,

but it worked as a couple of students ended up leaving with some of the green colored flyers. This went

on for most of the afternoon until around 1pm, when most of the guys form the club started to get

ready to go to class and prepare for some of their assignments. Checking the bin with Blake before we

left, there was about 5 or 6 cans so far. “There’s not a lot, but it’s a start.” I nodded in agreement. In a

way, I guess the same thing could be said of the club itself. It’s not one of the bigger organizations on

campus, but the spirit of goodwill with these guys was certainly there in the few hours I spent with


-Edmond Cook