Looking back: Another Dimension


Having recently watched the brand new Twilight Zone by Jordan Peele, I couldn't help but look back at the very first themed Sky Welkin collection: Another Dimension.  After a couple of seasons into a brand new partnership with Zeke Kenebrew I found my self eager to break away from the artwork I had been known for at the time.  I had been drawing my Billows (Clouds) and theme for two years prior to this so the Fall of 2015 seemed like the perfect time to set the tone for the Sky Welkin brand.  That tone being "Expect the unexpected".  Predictability goes hand in hand in branding and I humbly think exploring themes such as this help us keep things funky (interesting).  

My admiration for Rod Serling, creator of the Twilight Zone would probably surprise anyone that isn't a close friend or fam.  I bonded with my parents over the Twilight Zone when I was a teenager and when my dad copped the box set on dvd I binged EVERY episode.  I was impressed by how 100 Rod kept it as a white man in American television, branded as the "angriest man in television".  America was very much divided at the time this show was brought to fruition, Jim Crow laws were definitely in effect, and yet Rod was making a show for EVERYONE to watch.  He believed in his ideas so much that if it got rejected in one capacity he'd find another route.  Initially he was in radio, but his scripts were rejected so he hired an agent and pursued television.  He has been handed money to do shows and when they couldn't be done to his vision he returned the money.  Getting his ideas off by any means necessary.  These ideas challenged misogynists,  challenged our perception of society,  challenged racism, spoke to the power of imagination, and so much more.  Fun fact: he actually wanted to tell a parallel story about Emmit Till but he got denied.  There ended up being a watered down version/episode of this tragedy (which you know he HATED).

The anthological nature of the show, Rod's appearances in each episode as a narrator, and the stories that were told was a formula that I kind've adopted as a creator myself.  I often say the pillars of Sky Welkin are originality, truth, and perception.  These pillars support themes of reason, continuum, evolution, and Inquiry.  I humbly feel like Rod shares these values too.  The collection, Another Dimension fused elements of the show combined with my themes as an artist/illustrator and what graphic art prowess I possessed at that time.  I wanted to have a theme of mystique and I like to believe I achieved that.

If you're a creative of any facet/medium, looking for inspiration, and want to know more about Rod, I recommend watching this interview.  I watch it periodically for inspiration and insight on how I can better approach my messages in my art and designs.



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