Lyrics I Relate To

May is mental health awareness month and I haven't really found a way to speak on mental health personally, and/or maybe encourage someone that struggles with their own mental health.  I think music is very powerful and can unite people from all walks of life so I came up with the idea of sharing songs I like to draw to.  Not only do the songs that i'm going to share with you are a pleasure for me to create to but they also touch on mental health in a subtle manner. Tame Impala recently put out a song called, " It Might Be Time", which plays into the album, The Slow Rush, overarching theme, TIME.

"I'm only tired of all these voices always sayin' nothin' lasts forever" is from the lyrics of this pop hit.  It's something I thought that was interesting and spoke to the vulnerability of Kevin Parker, an artist I think creates in a similar nature to myself.  Personally I struggle with optimism and proclaim to be "stricken with doubt".  I'll elaborate on that in another post but the ideas ,or voices if you will, that we choose to entertain is fascinating.  I admire people that hop out the bed in the morning and think "Yep!  I'm up. i'm alive, and i'm the shit!  Time to seize the day with the utmost swagger the world has ever seen" (A little sarcastic I know).  That has never been me but i've been working on myself  sincerely for about four months to be more positive in my thinking.  Listening to music by artist's that confess such things as I feel Kevin did make it easier on this journey.  Below is the song if you haven't heard it.  It is a pop song (WARNING for all you haters of pop music) but it's a damn good one in my opinion. I'm aiming to share a song that touches on mental health daily for the rest of May accompanied by a sketch. 

Enjoy & thanks for reading!



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