Lyrics I Relate To: Blu

For today's installment of "Lyrics I Relate To", i'd liked to shout out Blu.  He's been a rapper i've been fond of since about 2008.  His classic album, Below the Heavens, captured the hearts of backpack Hip-Hop fans all over the world,  While BTH is revered as his best work to date, I respectfully disagree.  Blu has evolved and refined his craft and while I admit I don't check for him as often as I once did, he remains as sharp as ever.  "Not U" is a song by Blu i'd consider a gem.  It captures who he is as a person and honestly his individuality not just as a rapper, but as a human being.

"Can't pick a shoe to wear. Put on my scuffed chucks like who cares if you ain't breathin' Blu's air, because I ain't breathin' yours.  It ain't you who i'm doing this music for".  This is the bar that closes the song and it resonates with me as an artist deeply.  My passion really lies in getting these ideas (clothing designs, painting compositions, comics, and etc.) off and out into the world with the hopes of inspiring someone.  If you're reading this post i'm gonna humbly assume I interest you slightly.  And if that is true I am thankful for it, honestly, but it doesn't factor into my creative process at all.  That's the beauty of some of the best works of art i've experienced.  You can tell the song writer, director, illustrator , and etc. is 100% focused on their vision.  At the end of the day it's about marching to the beat of your own drum, and if you happen to be marching with me, I'd like to thank you.  If you're not up to speed on why i've been sharing music lately, it's because May is mental health awareness month.  One of the ways I cope with negative thoughts or moods is by listening to music.  I'll be sharing a song I use for coping, drawing, and vibing to for the rest of May in observation of mental health awareness month.

Check out the song "Not U" below.


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