Lyrics I Relate To: Earl Sweatshirt

For day 2 of "Lyrics I Relate To" I examine a melancholy gem from Earl Sweatshirt's second to last album, Some Rap Songs.  On the album prior to this one, I Don't Like Shit I Don't Go Outside (IDLSIDGO), listeners found Earl navigating his depression.  It was his darkest body of work to date and frankly most of his fans weren't sure if he was ever going to rap again.  A lot of his fans were just hoping he'd just choose to continue living and when news of SRS broke, fans rejoiced.  I rejoiced.  Earl had been labeled a prodigy since a teenager and rightfully so.  He can expound upon a feeling like no other with original metaphors and similies.  His first single off the album was called "Nowhere2Go" and this is a song that I like to draw and just vibe to.

The beat is very soulful and sounds like it was made abroad.  Earl provided a modern cadence that a lot of rappers utilize which made the song really distinguished.  In retrospect this song is a good first single because Earl took the time to let us know where his mind was at.  One of the several profound bars that stuck out and resonated with me was "you went and gave me a cape, but that never gave me no hope.  I found a new way to cope".  I thought that was fairly profound because he is acknowledging the superhero-like lens he's viewed through.  While accolades, money, and positive acknowledgement are cool, it does not instill optimism.  Those things can't force you to not only believe but accept in  a brighter tomorrow.

I've been trying to get in the habit of being thankful for the things I have accomplished thus far in my short lived career as a visual artist.  While I feel that the grain i'm going against is tiresome, I try to remind myself that optimism and faith are perspectives I have to bestow upon myself.  Art has always been a passion and a way to cope for me.  Everything just feels better when i'm creating and the more I think about it, it's escapism. 

You can listen to Nowhere2Go below

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