Lyrics I Relate To: Sturgill Simpson


One of my favorite musical discoveries last year happened around November.  I was scrolling through Netflix looking for something to watch in the "New Arrivals" section and Sound & Fury appeared.  The cover had a guy in a leather jacket with a Shogun mask on his head.  His jacket was splattered in blood and red laser beams were shining out of his eyes in opposing directions.  The cover art and trailer suggested it was musical anime so immediately I felt compelled to watch it.  It turned out this guy Sturgill Simpson had his whole album scored to an anime styled animated music video.

The themes of rebellion, dystopia, post-apocalyptic societies, really coincided with the lyrics.  Sturgill really resonated with me as a "man's man".  He was honest, not for the bullshit, sick of fake people, and determined to see fulfill his destiny to the end.  The song "Last Man Standing" off the Sound & Fury album is a fun one for me to draw to.  If you've been following my career as a creative, whether it be two weeks or two years, you already know I don't care much for pandering to a popular audience.  While I know more often than not when people just show me examples of art that is extremely derivative I know they are really talking about the technique, or approach that the artist took.  But when i'm looking at a painting of Goku in some timbs (for example)it just disturbs me.  I view it as bullshit and a sign of an artist scared to show the world their true art.  Either that or an artist that's too lazy to dig deep and search inside themselves for something authentic and genuine that they want to share with their world.  I know that is presumptuous, it's just an odd impulsive thought that comes to mind.

"Well i'm not gonna say what you want me to say! Plenty people Pandering already anyway. Don't even try because I already did it, Bullshit Sells don't you ever forget it, Going full speed is the greatest escape, I don't know how much more I can take, Well i'm gonna keep goin' 'til I find out"

The lyrics really resonate with me and partially speaks to my perspective as an artist.  I don't care to pander, I believe Bullshit sells really well, staying creative and creating in abundance is a great escape, and I honestly don't know how much more I can take.  But I plan on going until I physically can't draw anymore.  Below is where you can check out the song and the Netflix short film can be seen here


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