Lyrics I Relate To: Vampire Weekend

"When I was seventeen, I had wrists like steel And I felt complete And now my body fades behind a brass charade And I'm obsolete But if the chance remained to see those better days I'd cut the cannons down My ears are blown to bits from all the rifle hits But I still crave that sound" - Ezra Koenig

Ezra Koenig, Vampire Weekend frontman, is probably one of my favorite writers to date.  He has a way with words and knows how to get a point across in a way that's poignant yet graceful.  Contra of the city is the 2nd album from the band and it's packed with melodic songs that truly shows how wide spread the palette of rock-n-roll is.  One of the lead singles off the album is called "Giving up the gun".

For this installment of "Lyrics I Relate To" I wanted to share a song that explores mortality.  Knowing that nothing and nobody lasts forever is something i've embraced at a young age.  We all are getting older and we're all going to eventually die, but such is life.  It's imperative we live our days fruitfully.  Instead of romanticizing the past why not romanticize the present?  Make the most of your time now, because time is fleeting.  Check out the song & video to Vampire Weekend below!



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