New Art for Sale June 10th!


This Wednesday, June 10th, I will have art for sale here on the site.  I'm still thinking about everything that is happening in the world while I finish up a couple of pieces.  The coronavirus is still rampant, some change has been happening since the protests have been going on, and there is more conversation being had about minority businesses & artists (in particular black businesses and artists.)  While i'm optimistic there are more opportunities on the horizon for my creativity I often wonder how this time will impact my work.  I definitely feel like I should continue to be a voice but for some reason i'm reluctant to be defined by it.

What i'm saying is I don't want to be an opportunist.  Lives have been lost and many hearts have been broken.  My conscious makes me apprehensive about  capitalizing on Black Plight.  Black art is typically expected of black artists, and while the world doesn't consider my art "black" I am proud of the work I made and the messages that's embedded in much of my work.  The full scope of my creative output suggests i'm a multidisciplinary artist and that is true.  At heart i'm a cartoonist, an abstract cartoonist if you ask me.  In the coming days I will expand a little bit more on that.  My resolve: I'll focus on expanding my conceptual work and iconography while inserting messages that sadly need to be spread in a time where the majority doesn't think it has to.


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