New TOON in Progress

From promoting my new TORN series of art, spending time with my wife, and working on the next thematic drop for 2021, I knew I had to give my WeeBees some attention.  I'm still working on my writing skills (literally and figuratively) and would like to put out a solid comic/graphic novel (kinda like what Peyo did with The Smurfs book) some day.  The very next book will encompass a lot of the toons you can see on the WeeBees IG account.  I'm tentatively going to call it "Illustrated Isms/Izms" and y'all can expect Master WeeBee to dish out the lessons and witness the epiphanies the primary two WeeBees (Kumo and Lou) will conjure through their epiphanies.


You can expect this toon to be completed and uploaded in the next 24 hours to the WeeBees IG.

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