Painter's Suit Pt.2



My  custom painter's suit is finally completed (at least I think it is).  I embarked on this project to give myself a break from the graphics i've been working on for the Atelier brand that'll be utilized for the next three seasons.  After a significant amount of work is completed in any medium I try to take a day or two to step away from it.  When I return back to the project I am hopefully looking at it with a fresh set of eyes and hopefully a more refined perspective.

  I thought I gave myself a break from creating, but I just ended up creating more.  The idea to do a suit stemmed from seeing some of my contemporaries such as Takashi Murakami and Futura (formerly Futura 2000) create a suit of some kind that dawned their own art and motifs.  As a small company we throw the phrase "wearable art" around often and I figured if that is something we want to really known for then why not display that more.  A  custom painter's suit seemed like a good idea to display what we mean by "wearable art".  At the moment this is just a 1 of 1 for myself.  Another Artisan collection will come out this year when the time s right so the opportunity to obtain artisan apparel will be made available.


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