Perspectives Over Answers (11x14in) by Sky Welkin

My painting, "Perspectives Over Answers", attracted many people that came into my Pop-Up I had a couple of weeks ago downtown Denver.  I am not sure if it was due to where it was positioned in the gallery space or if it was the work itself.  It did spark some conversations that I overheard and compelled some to tell me that was their "favorite work" that was on display.  With that being often said, I decided to recreate it as an 11x14 in. illustration.

I'm confident in the pricing of work and I do base it on the talent I feel I possess and the fact that is distinguished.  I take pride in making work that is truly my own and it's my hope that all those who've purchased and will purchase my art feel like they too possess something unique.  At the same time I do like people being able to have the opportunity to purchase my art so why not have different price points?  Recreating this work using a different medium and changing up the scene makes a different work all together and allows for a different price point.

The Perspectives Over Answers 11x14 in. illustration can be purchased HERE with prints being available next week.

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