Petition - Justice for George Floyd


While there are a bevy of reasons why I should not go protest in person peacefully  refuse to be silent on the issue.  I've signed the petition in the link above and because I wanted to be on record for taking a stance against this injustice and help get the attention of the mayor and DA.  

While the social climate is unfathomable it's also not surprising.  Yes, "looting" and "rioting" aren't ideal but neither was George's live execution.  America's original sin is alive and at work and black people are fed up.  It's time for everyone to speak up on this as it's a humanity issue that is not specific to one particular race.  Everyone should be speaking out about this.  In the dawn of the smart phone we've witnessed this situation happen over and over and America has yet to really try to right the wrongs.

"The child who is not embraced by the village

will burn it down to feel its warmth."

-African Proverb

I don't support what "looting" has happened but I do support desperate measures in what is desperate times.  If you don't deem this present moment as one of desperation then perhaps you're part of the system that's facing rebellion. 


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