Revisiting the Pop-Up at Dairy Block

Now that it has been a few days since the pop-up i've gathered my thoughts on my time in the gallery space.  From the 9th through the 13th of September I had the opportunity to have a Pop-Up at Dairy Block.  As an artist relatively unknown to Denver, despite being a resident for five years, I had modest goals set for myself.  I wanted to expose my art to a new audience, make some sales of course, and hopeful allow people to escape reality when indulging in my work.  It's safe to say my goals were achieved and it fueled the fire to continue to stay on this path.

I was delighted to hear many viewers that strolled in acknowledge how thought provoking and unique the artwork was.  Typically I work alone creating at night and having been on this grind for approximately eight years.  Words of affirmation from strangers provided a solace that was needed.  Most of the works exhibited were already created and somewhat "older" (mostly created from 2016-2019) but they were never exhibited in a gallery space.

Thank you to all the new supporters and the supporters from who looked on from afar.  The year 2020 has brought a lot of challenges for so many so those that took the time to enter the gallery space to indulge in my art and shop with me, you're truly appreciated.  And if you were unable to attend, check out a few photos below!

Thanks for your time :)

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