Sky Welkin Atelier: Autumn 2020

This weekend was "quite alright".  As many of you know I migrate back and forth between being an illustrator/painter and a creative director/graphic designer for my brand, Sky Welkin Atelier.  Saturday morning I directed a video shoot alongside Javon, our videographer.  I was excited to finally do something of this nature in Denver being mostly based and prevalent in Virginia.  We shot what I think will be a dope visual that'll highlight our small but visually strong offering for the Fall.

I provided cinnamon rolls and water for the models with a small monetary compensation via cash app at the end of the shoot.  It feels good to give.  While I feel i'm eons from where I want to be in my budding career, it felt good to observe everyone being excited about partaking in this shoot and believing in both my art and brand.  I'll be posting more product shots in the upcoming days along with a new illustration and a print to for sale here on my web-shop so stay "toon'd".


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