Black History Month Already??

Black History Month Already??

"Because they don't wanna SEE A BLACK MAN MAKE IT" I emphatically say on the phone to one of my best friends, William Spruill.  After a couple of seconds of silence we bust out laughing and continue discussing the creative projects we're working on.  I mentioned that I wrote a blog post for a non-profit about a pioneering Doctor in light of Black History Month and that I need to give my own blog some attention.  I think Black History Month is important but oddly serves as a reminder of how far American society has to go in regards to diversity and inclusion.

Like most calls I have with Will, the topic of "alternative blackness" came up.  I reflected heavily on my bitterness towards community art opportunities being very sterile and void of originality.  While I don't think there is a place for my work, I owe it to myself to apply to opportunities so that I can end the destructive habit of denying myself opportunities by not applying.  Simply put, I gotta be my biggest advocate.  I have been in a creative groove lately but most importantly, I've been working on my goal of applying/pursuing at least 300 opportunities in the year 2024.  Opportunities that involve comics, public art, publication submissions, and galleries will be a huge focal point of this year.

To my surprise this comic I did about Black history Month had lots of folks ticked (which is great) but I wondered if they knew why.  It tickled me too so I decided to share it to my instagram.  I'm not sure exactly what I was trying to say with this one but I think I wanted to to side eye performative blackness.  Don't get it twisted, I think black expression is beautiful and needed.  I just don't like only getting opportunities due to my ethnicity.  I just feel exploited and overlooked.  

I'm moving to Denver from Englewood in a week so bare with me as I get new prints ready for my website and embark on productive year.  I have lots of thumbnails ready to manifest themselves into paintings.  Only to have a collection of paintings ready to manifest into some sort of exhibit.  As always, I'm putting on for the Blerds. 

Stay "toon'd"

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