Reclaiming my passsion

Reclaiming my passsion

Over the past four months, I’ve been on a journey of coming to terms with the fact that while I am a victim, my possessions and creations do not define me. In late February, while moving out of my apartment, my external hard drive and MacBook were stolen. Hundreds of files, design assets, client work, and personal projects—vanished! This loss left me feeling stuck and questioning my self-worth.

Navigating through the stages of grief, I realized that my ability to create hadn’t been stolen from me. I had an epiphany: it’s not healthy to tie my worth as a creative to my output and productivity. This revelation has brought me back to my creative roots with a refreshed perspective and enthusiasm reminiscent of my younger self, who first dreamed of becoming a multihyphenate creative.

Though I still grapple with the rejection of not being “cartoonist enough” for some publications or “fine enough” for certain galleries and contemporary settings, I’m committed to focusing on my craft and connecting with the audience that appreciates it.

I’m excited to unveil my newly revised website, a testament to my renewed passion and resilience. Thank you for your continued support on this creative journey.

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