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Sky Welkin Studios

Here N' There

Here N' There

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  • Acrylic on Paper
  • 11 x 14 in.
  • November 2023
  • Part of a collection of paintings released called “Autumnatic”


A note from the artist: 'Here N' There,' an 11x14 inch artwork showcasing the WeeBees in a lively scene amidst leaves. The painting is thoughtfully divided into two distinct sections, accentuated by a line created through the dynamic color shifts within the silhouettes of the 'Billows'—an iconic cloud motif recurring throughout the artist's body of work. This intentional division serves as a creative touch, highlighting the artist's contemporary flair while expanding on the thematic richness of their portfolio. The vibrant color palette, coupled with the distinctive 'Billow motif,' signifies a unique artistic perspective, encapsulating the essence of the artist's evolving contemporary art practice."

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