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Sky Welkin Studios

Keep Going

Keep Going

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  • Acrylic on Paper
  • 11 x 14 in.
  • November 2023
  • Part of a collection of paintings released called “Autumnatic”


A note from the artist: 

There's a theme of resilience captured in 'Keep Going,' an expressive 11 x 14 inch painting that invites you into a world of artistic inspiration. Within this painting, silhouettes of Billows—the artist's Billow cloud motif—float among leaves, capturing the artist's thematic creativity. On the left, the iconic Master WeeBee, a recurring character in the artist's narrative, shares the empowering message, 'Keep Going.' To the right, the negative space unveils stoically poised scapes of Billows, creating a harmonious and dynamic composition.

Amidst this artistic tapestry, words of encouragement are subtly presented, capturing the wisdom of perseverance when faced with elements beyond your control. 'Keep Going' is an invitation to celebrate resilience, a testament to navigating challenges with grace. Elevate your space with this unique creation, a beacon of inspiration for both seasoned art enthusiasts and those embarking on their artistic journey.

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